About the Designer


Roxana Patricia Arriola is a Salvadoran artist with a degree in Product Design from Dr. Jose Matias Delgado University.   

Having used the pseudonym Patrizca for several years, she has extensive experience in Design conceptualization and product display.  She has held various Design consulting roles in Latin America, including Costa Rica, Guatemala and the Dominican Republic. 

 Her experience includes:

  • Design and mold cutting for prototypes.
  • Design and production of jewelry, accessories and clothing.
  • Research and analysis of new fabrics, materials and processes for production as well as outsourcing development.

Patrizca has shared her art with various exhibits:  Accessory Collections in coordination with 'El Circulo Artistico Nacional' in Hollywood, CA from 2010 to 2016, and 'El Foro Cultural Aleman,' sponsored by the German Embassy in 2014.

    Her most recent endeavor is the founding of Affinity Unlimited, which offers her unique designs created with handmade pieces, some of them imported from various countries and made by other artists and designers.